Obama Camp: Clinton’s ‘Character Gap’ Hurts Electability

In a conference call just now, the Obama campaign tried to use a Clinton-campaign line of attack on Hillary Clinton, saying she is an untrustworthy candidate who has not been sufficiently vetted—and who suffers from a "character gap" that would hurt her electability in November.

"She would be a deeply flawed nominee," said campaign manager David Plouffe.

Echoing Mark Penn’s assertion on a recent conference call that Obama "really can’t win the general," Plouffe said that Clinton’s chances in a general were very slim because of what he called her lack of trustworthiness.

"Obviously she needs to make some progress on those character traits," he said, citing polls that showed many voters had reservations about Clinton’s truthfulness. "She does have these issues around trustworthiness that are really going to give her no margin for error."

And Obama foreign policy adviser Greg Craig, while arguing that Clinton has vastly exaggerated her foreign policy experience, used a line of media criticism almost identical to the one used to good effect by the Clinton press shop, saying, "I have been disappointed that the American press has not been sufficiently industrious [in examining Clinton’s record]."

Obama Camp: Clinton’s ‘Character Gap’ Hurts Electability