Paterson Gets It Over With, Tells the News About His Affair

In an amazing, preemptive interview with the Daily News, David Paterson and his wife tell columnist Juan Gonzalez that they each had extramarital affairs during a rough point in their relationship several years ago. The Patersons don’t identify the people they had affairs with, but they do address another rumor that was a key topic of conversation among reporters and insiders in Albany this week, denying that the governor had a “love child.”

From the report:

" ‘Don’t you think he’d take care of a child if he’d had one?’ Michelle Paterson said, in obvious disgust over that persistent rumor."

The place David Paterson said he’d take his other woman, and later, his wife, is the Days Inn on the West Side. He explained, “It’s convenient since it’s only four subway stops from my Harlem office.”

One tangential media observation: so far, the Paterson era seems to be a good one for the Daily News, which seems to be to Paterson what the New York Times was for the Spitzer administration.

The News also scored an ecxlusive interview with Paterson over the weekend, and its Albany bureau chief was the first reporter called on at David Paterson’s first media availability after Spitzer announced he would resign.

Paterson Gets It Over With, Tells the News About His Affair