Paterson Nominates New State Police Superintendent

David Paterson just nominated a new superintendent of state police, retired State Police Colonel Harry Corbitt.

At a press conference in his Midtown office, Paterson declined to say the nomination is in any way connected to the state police involvement in Eliot Spitzer’s effort to discredit Joe Bruno.

Corbit declined to state his thoughts on the scandal, but he did say that when politics and police mix, it’s bad.

Later, a reporter asked if Paterson would make available the emails that have been subpoenaed in connection with the scandal.

Paterson said no one had requested them, which was a bit confusing because they are still under subpoena. The governor then said his office is still looking into the legality of disclosing them.

Afterwards, a spokeswoman clarified that no new requests for the emails had come in, but said the emails are still the subject of subpoenas from the State Senate and that matter is still under review.

Paterson Nominates New State Police Superintendent