Paterson, Whitman, Wright

When asked if he’ll help Democrats take over the State Senate, David Paterson said, "it’s inappropriate to really dwell on that right now." [Capitol Confidential]

Soho residents are revolting against a Department of Transportation plan to close Prince Street to traffic on Sunday. [The Villager]

Ed Rendell says Barack Obama could probably win the general election in Pennsylvania. [The Stump]

Formerly a major Mitt Romney supporter, eBay’s Meg Whitman joins the McCain campaign. [Jonathan Martin]

Ben reflects on Jeremiah Wright’s "audacity" sermon. [Politico]

Here’s a different perspective from Wright’s successor. [Spin Cycle]

And a primer on the State Supreme Court elections happening this November. [Wonkster]

Sally Goldenberg goes shopping on eBay for Eliot Spitzer paraphernalia. [City Hall Insider]

In a new book, Jesse Ventura "envisions ‘shoving McMahon off to the side’ and announcing his candidacy before 70,000 fans at the 24th annual WrestleMania.” [Yeas and Nays] Paterson, Whitman, Wright