Patersons, Clintons

After meeting with David Paterson, Michael Bloomberg says “there is a tone here of making us work together.” [Liz]

New York progressives pledge support to Paterson. [Daily Gotham]

One of Michelle Paterson’s top priorities is healthcare. [Albany Project]

Al D’Amato reflects on the last week and says, “You couldn’t have written a novel that wouldn’t be rejected because of its absurdity if this had been its story.” [Capitol Confidential]

George W. Bush called Paterson. [Politics on the Hudson]

A Zogby poll suggests that voters would actually want John McCain in a “red phone” moment. [Zogby]

The Irish Prime Minister says Hillary Clinton was “hugely helpful” in Northern Ireland. [The Swamp]

McCain will make his tax returns available on April 15. [Ambinder]

Bill Clinton says, "If we just chill out here and let all the voters have their say, my gut is it’s gonna come out all right." [ABC News]

Dan Balz thinks white male voters are the “single critical swing constituency.” [Wash Post]

Clinton reminds Washington that Sinbad is a comedian. [Ben]

Bill Kristol makes a factual error about Barack Obama in his column today. [NY Times]

Clinton says the economy’s in “the soup.” [The Swamp] Patersons, Clintons