Pennacchio, frustrated with direction of Senate race, responds to Sabrin’s Iraq pledge

As Murray Sabrin and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee lashed into new Republican Senate candidate Andy Unanue’s governing credentials yesterday, Joe Pennacchio took a different approach, sending out a press release with a series of policy questions aimed at Unanue.

The tone of the press release is reflective of the direction Pennacchio said he’d like to see the campaign take.

Over the past week, Pennacchio has come under fire for his 1991 writing called “A Nationalist Agenda,” which outlined some unorthodox ideas that proved controversial among some Republicans. Pennacchio has in part stood by his writings, which he penned three years before he made his first run at elected office. Pennacchio said that he’s evolved beyond some of the document’s more controversial ideas, and he doesn’t think it should be a major issue in the Senate race.

“Are we ever going to get to that point where we start talking about policies, like where we go in the 21st century instead of what Joe Pennacchio wrote 17 years ago when he was in between root canals?” he said. “We’ve got kids dying in Iraq. There are people dying, struggling, they’re losing their houses because of this sub prime nonsense, an economy going into recession. Health care that’s unaffordable unless you’re part of Charity Care.”

Pennacchio used the opportunity to dismiss rival Murray Sabrin’s pledge to resign from office if United States troops did not withdraw from Iraq by September, 2010.

“My response is that the last time politicians micromanaged a war, it was called Vietnam and we lost,” he said. “You don’t tell the enemy anything. If you want tot tell them what we plan o doing next Tuesday, that’s wrong. This surge has to be won by the soldiers on the field, not by the wannabe politicians.” Pennacchio, frustrated with direction of Senate race, responds to Sabrin’s Iraq pledge