Pennacchio welcomes Unanue into the race with questions

State Sen./U.S. Senate candidate Joe Pennacchio decided to forego attacking Andy Unanue today, instead peppering the candidate with a series of policy questions.

Pennacchio said that before he enters the race, the newly minted candidate Unanue ought to share his views on five key issues: how he plans to “work towards victory in Iraq and execute the War on Terror,” how he would work towards achieving energy independence, how he would make health care more affordable, where he stands on lowering taxes and stopping government growth and his views on stopping illegal immigration.

"New Jerseyans deserve a serious campaign about the issues that affect all of us. The issues that confront us as we head into the 21st century are serious and daunting,” said Pennacchio. “The citizens of New Jersey deserve an honest discourse on how we will deal with these vital topics in the U.S. Senate. Anything less would be a disservice to the people we want to represent." Pennacchio welcomes Unanue into the race with questions