More fun fallout from Spitzer-gate

Let’s do a little word association. We say “Eliot Spitzer.” You say “prostitute.” Easy, right? Okay, now we say “prostitute.” You say . . .
what? (And no fair repeating “Spitzer.”) If anything, the former governor’s recent downfall shows just how wildly divergent our images and opinions are of the world’s oldest profession.

For an eye-opening good time, check out the website Project Prostitute. What started as a simple request by founder Nina Franzen to friends — Draw me your interpretation of a prostitute! — wound up as a cross between a pre-K art wall and the Place Pigalle. Often brassy, sometimes sad, all the entries, no matter how crudely sketched, tell us more about the sex trade than a hundred viewings of Pretty Woman.

And in case you’re wondering if you too can submit a drawing, the answer is yes — so go ahead and unleash your inner Ho-digliani.

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