Queens G.O.P. Endorses Como

Wednesday night, the Queens County Republican Party endorsed Anthony Como for the City Council seat being vacated by Dennis Gallagher.

The endorsement was made during a meeting of district leaders at the county headquarters in Middle Village, and comes amid talk that the former Republican County leader and city councilman in that area, Tom Ognibene, may enter the race also.

A reader who attended the vote passed along a couple of highlights from the event. First was from Como’s nominating speech, made by Rick Metzger, husband of Gallagher’s chief of staff, Linda Metzger, who said that Como agreed to retain most of Dennis’ staff.

In Como’s speech to the group, he did not mention Ognibene by name, but, according to the attendee, he did refer to “some old guy who hasn’t been around for 15 years."

A second reader who attended the event confirmed the gist of the quotes, but not the exact wording.

The endorsement last night was the latest sign of an internal feud pitting the Queens Republican Party regulars, who are supporting Como, against insurgents who are aligning themselves with Ognibene.

Gallagher is leaving his seat after pleading guilty to sexual abuse. The likely Democratic candidate in this race—the date of which hasn’t been determined yet—is Elizabeth Crowley, who ran for the seat in 2002 and is related to Queens Democratic County Leader, Representative Joe Crowley. Queens G.O.P. Endorses Como