Quinn Optimistic About Congestion Pricing

Christine Quinn just told reporters at City Hall she’s confident she’ll have the votes to pass congestion pricing in the City Council.

When asked if she and Michael Bloomberg were “twisting arms,” Quinn said, “Certainly not. My staff and I are having conversations with council members.”

She added, “It hasn’t been arm-twisting, but it has been very important conversations about how we get more mass transit out there in 51 districts in the city.”

Quinn later batted down the idea that if the bill passes with only a bare minimum of support—26 of 51 votes—that it would send a mixed signal to state lawmakers who also have to consider the issue.

“What you need,” she said, “is a majority.” She added, “So a home rule message that has 26 votes has done its job.”

Afterward, Michael Bloomberg released this public statement that praised Assembly members for introducing congestion pricing legislation to their house:

“The Assembly’s introduction of legislation that will allow us to implement congestion pricing is another important step in the process of putting in place our plan to reduce traffic, cut pollution and raise revenue for transit projects, not just in the city, but throughout our region. With legislation now before both the Assembly and the Senate, we are closer than we’ve ever been to securing $354 million in federal funds for immediate use in transit improvements.”
Quinn Optimistic About Congestion Pricing