Resignation, Holding Pattern, Impeachment

Aides say Eliot Spitzer will resign. [NY Times]

David Paterson is in a “holding pattern.” [Liz]

State Republicans are threatening to impeach Spitzer if he doesn’t resign. [NBC]

According to The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld, a Governor Paterson is “the best-case scenario for gays and lesbians in the state.” [via Towleroad]

Kate Hammer describes the all-night watch outside the Spitzers’ apartment on Fifth Avenue. [City Room]

"There’s no way he can survive it," says Ed Rollins. [CNN]

John Riley isn’t sure that there will ultimately have been any crime committed here, since prosecutions under the Mann Act are rare, and “structuring,” as a crime, is “pretty murky.” [Spin Cycle]

The National Republican Campaign Committee already when wants to know which lawmakers will return Spitzer’s “sleazy” money. [Capitol Briefing]

Bloomberg talked to Spitzer this morning, wished him the best, and won’t say anything else about the conversation. [Liz] [added]

The Citizen’s Union, a good government group that has backed Spitzer before, is calling on him to resign. [Liz] [added]

Spitzer reportedly met with calls girls seven or eight times, in various locations around the country. [L.A. Times] [added]

It was only a matter of time before someone called Heidi Fliess. [Newsweek] [added] Resignation, Holding Pattern, Impeachment