Reynolds, Maziarz, D.N.C., Rice

Republican State Senator George Maziarz reportedly will announce his candidacy on Monday for the seat Tom Reynolds is retiring from. [The Capitol]

The rating of Reynolds’ congressional district (NY-26) has been changed from “Likely Republican” to “Toss Up.” [Cook Political Report via Albany Project]

The D.N.C. doesn’t think John McCain is paying the government back enough for his trip. [Jonathan Martin]

"None of us wants to have a circumstance where any American’s passport files are looked at in an unauthorized way," said Condoleezza Rice to Barack Obama over the phone. [AP]

“[S]incePaterson was second in command to Spitzer, it shouldn’t take him long to decide who goes and who stays.” [Democrat & Chronicle

A poll of Brooklyn City Council members doesn’t bode well for congestion pricing. [Brooklyn Paper]

An Obama supporter with a YouTube account has quickly seized on proof that Jeremiah Wright has come into contact with numerous powerful people. [Spin Cycle

Both Hillary Clinton and Obama are getting more Wall Street donations than McCain. [LA Times

The M.T.A. has said they won’t put V trains on the G line. [The Real Estate

Ron Paul tells Sarah Elkins that his campaign is “indefinite.” [NewsweekReynolds, Maziarz, D.N.C., Rice