Romano pummels Barse in wake of judge’s ruling

VINELAND – A Superior Court judge’s decision today to invalidate Vineland’s master plan because the city violated the open public meetings law propelled mayoral challenger Robert Romano into attack mode against Mayor Perry Barse.

"The ruling today is evidence that Mayor Barse and his administration violated the public trust by cutting the community out of important discussions about the future of their city," Romano said in a statement. "The decision by Mayor Barse to leave the public in the dark about such significant decisions is disgraceful. Mayor Barse spent thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars on a plan that now has to be redone because of the administration’s blatant disregard for the law."

Contacted for comment this evening, Barse said, "No comment. The ruling came down this afternoon and we’re evaluating the situation at the moment."

Romano further criticizedthe mayorfor what he said were thousands of dollars wasted by the administration on legal fees.

"The taxpayers of Vineland deserve a mayor who is accountable and a government that is open and honest," Romano said. "The court’s decision against Mayor Barse further demonstrates that we need to change the way City Hall does business." Romano pummels Barse in wake of judge’s ruling