Sabrin challenges “playboy” Unanue to a debate

United States Senate candidate Murray Sabrin hasn’t wasted any time in going after his new rival, Andy Unanue.

Less than 24 hours after Unanue decided to enter the Senate race, Sabrin put out a press release calling him a “playboy nightclub owner” and criticizing members of the Republican leadership for recruiting him.

Sabrin also challenged Unanue to a debate sometime this week.

"(Republican State Chairman) Tom Wilson and the failed Republican Leadership are trying to hang on to their limited power by recruiting a slick playboy nightclub owner from New York City to run for the United States Senate,” said Sabrin in the release. “What's next? The manager of the Bada-Bing Club to run for Governor?”

Wilson remains officially neutral in the Senate race, and did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Sabrin had previously called on Wilson to resign and has pledged to field alternate Republican slates for every level of government in the June primary. Unanue also could not be reached for comment.

Sabrin spokesman George Ajjan went on to criticize Unanue for making his decision on Easter Sunday.

"It was inappropriate for Mr. Unanue to play politics on the holiest day of the year for millions of New Jersey Christians,” he said. Sabrin challenges “playboy” Unanue to a debate