Schedules, Re-Votes, Superdelegates

Hillary Clinton’s schedules from some of her time in the White House are online. [Clinton Library]

They show she was very busy while the Monica scandal unfolded. [Time]

The Clinton campaign is promoting a poll that says most Floridian Democrats want their delegates seated at the convention, but the poll also says they don’t want the delegates to vote on the basis of the January primary. [Miami Herald]

A Michigan re-vote looks to be dead. [Ben]

Clinton has gained in a North Carolina poll, and is now statistically tied with Obama. [Political Wire]

Andrew Cuomo has joined others in opposing a massive powerline that would run through the state. [Capitol Confidential

There are a lot of hearings, but no bill, on congestion pricing. [Liz]

David Paterson is funding broadband initiatives around the state. [NYS Governor]

Bill Clinton is holding a fund-raiser in Chicago on March 29. [Sun Times]

Chuck Todd says Clinton’s delegate problem may actually be with the superdelegates. [MSNBC

The governor of Tennessee is proposing a superdelegate primary. [AP

“[D]istaste for Mr Spitzer—or keen pleasure in seeing a hypocrite hoist with his own petard—should blind no one to the fact that the whole affair is a crock of nonsense." [Economist

GQ interviews Meghan McCain. [GQ]

Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister has re-recorded “I Want to Rock” as “I Want Barack.” [AP]

Schedules, Re-Votes, Superdelegates