Sean Lennon Enjoys Double Fantasy in Turkish Hot Box; Douses Yoko

On Sunday, March 2, the Russian & Turkish Baths on East 10th Street in the East Village was living up to its history of hosting damp celebrities such as Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez and John Belushi. On Sunday, there was music mogul Russell Simmons talking about God and happiness with a chubby Russian fellow.

“I believe in a force,” Mr. Simmons said when the Russian asked if he believed in the Almighty.

But Sean Lennon, two topless young women and Mr. Lennon’s mother, Yoko Ono, stole the show. They were in the Russian Room, sweating it up.

“Sean was pouring water over Yoko’s head,” reported a witness, who was sitting among the packed crowd in the room, which is essentially a giant oven. “She recoiled momentarily when he poured the ice cold water, but soon began enjoying it. She was sitting down with a towel around her head. She was wearing one of the bath-issue togas.”

Mr. Lennon and his two female friends were standing in the middle of the room.

“They were massaging each other’s boobs suggestively,” the source said of the young ladies. “Sean was sweating like crazy. The two girls he was with were like 19, pretty hot, and he was making out with one of them.” Mama Ono did not seem to notice.

Later, the foursome enjoyed a meal upstairs. “They were eating some Russian stuff,” said the source. “Yoko had her sunglasses on.” Sean Lennon Enjoys Double Fantasy in Turkish Hot Box; Douses Yoko