Sordillo backs up Pennacchio on manifesto flap

Warren Mayor Victor Sordillo, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 7th district, says that he would be happy to run on a ticket with U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Pennacchio and isn’t worried about a voter backlash over a Nationalist Party manifesto Pennacchio authored in 1991.

“I have spent a great deal of time with Senator Joe Pennachio over the past several weeks on the campaign trail. I am impressed with his passion and real ideas to strengthen America,” Sordillo said. “The Manifesto was written almost 20 years ago and he states that many of his positions have changed. I take him at his word. All of us mature over the years and most for better. As far as Senator Pennachio, I would be proud to be on the ticket with him.”

Sordillo criticized Senate candidate Murray Sabrin for releasing the manifesto.

“As Republicans, we appreciate a wide range of opinions and are not bound as tight to politically correctness. Debating issues is important but to dig up ancient history to hurt a fellow Republican is wrong. This will only lead to a virtual gag on potential solutions to our common problems,” Sordillo said. Sordillo backs up Pennacchio on manifesto flap