The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

12 ways to fix the Department of Buildings. [Gowanus Lounge]

And on a more pessimistic note… The Lost City blog takes a look at the shocking number of 2008 construction debacles (remember it’s only been three months), and wonders whether it might be time for "Department of Disaster" chairwoman Patricia Lancaster to step down. [Lost City]

Councilman Tony Avella thinks so. He called for her resignation on Sunday. [NY Sun]

A tour of Albany led by Governor David Patterson (donated before the Spitzer scandal) fetched the highest bid of any of the offerings at a fund-raising auction over the weekend at his son’s Upper West Side elementary school. Bidding began at $2,000 and closed at $3,700. [Daily Intelligencer]

Take the “Spitzer Sex Scandal Tour” of New York City. [Runnin Scared]

A biopic chronicling the rough-and-tumble beginnings of club impresario Noel Ashman, the man behind Plumm and flash-in-the pan Veruka, is in the works. Plus, he’s eyeing Atlantic City for a new venue. [Grub Street]

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, meaning bars are serving up green-tinted cocktails and every Sean, Seamus and Patricia with the slightest trace of Gaelic heritage is a proud Irishman (or woman) today. Here’s a guide to the best authentic Irish watering holes in Queens for those looking to avoid the drunken green mob. [Gridskipper]

A real estate broker from Coldwell Banker stood outside of Bear Stearns all day trying to hawk apartments to employees looking to downgrade. Call it irony, karma, or poetic justice. Regardless it’s a fittingly cinematic conclusion to the spiral of the firm at the center of the subprime mortgage crisis. [Curbed]

The Afternoon Wrap: Monday