The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Tribeca residents are up in arms over the city’s decision to relocate a Sanitation Department parking garage at the Gansevoort Peninsula to Hudson Square. [Downtown Express]

Foes of Atlantic Yards plan to picket the Brooklyn Museum gala in honor of developer Bruce Ratner on April 3. [The Brooklyn Paper]

A New York Times reporter got roughed up after taking pictures of people posting illegal signs. [City Room]

Shhh! Here’s a map of the night spots in New York that have made a name for themselves by proclaiming their "exclusivity." [Gridskipper]

This is not low-grade porn, but the video campaign Lizzie Grubman’s PR firm conceived to promote the Toll Brothers’ Northside Piers project. [Curbed]

The MTA has postponed the service improvements it promised riders when it hiked fares last month. [City Room]

McMansions are too obvious for Williamsburg residents. This vinyl-sided tract house perched on top of a vacant loft, however, perfectly captures the hipster ethos. [Gothamist] The Afternoon Wrap: Monday