The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Senator Hillary Clinton was among the chorus of city and state Democrats cheering the resignation of the HUD secretary today, ending a tenure marked “by an indifference to Congressional oversight powers, cronyism, and corrupt contracting practices that have no place in our government." [City Room]

Madonna tells Vanity Fair magazine that New York has lost the "electricity" it had back in the 1980’s, prompting a host of blog retorts amounting to a collective, “I know you are but what am I?” [Daily Intelligencer]

The last opening day at Yankee Stadium was rained out and rescheduled for tomorrow. [Bats]

In January the El Dorado co-op board rejected the buyers who bid on Moby’s $7.5 million "sky/castle Turret over the park,” so the spectacled musician is taking a different tactic. Last Friday he sent out an e-mail telling friends "if you find someone to buy the apartment, I’ll happily give $75,000 to you or your favorite charity." Maybe he should knock it off the offering price instead. [Main Street via Curbed]

A group of liberal-minded cyclists is holding a protest in Union Square this Friday to "denounce the NYPD’s first amendment abuses" against bikers. [On NY Turf]

A guide to the city’s flea markets. [NY Times]

The Department of Buildings has partially lifted the stop work order at Trump SoHo. [TRD]

Living near a crack house is actually fun. [Gawker]

The seventh hotel development planned for Gowanus has been announced, putting the Brooklyn neighborhood on track to become the affordable hotel-chain capital of the city. [Brownstoner] The Afternoon Wrap: Monday