The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

More good news on the national housing market front: foreclosure filings jumped 60 percent in February and bank repossessions doubled. [Bloomberg]

This new site lets you comment on local law enforcement agents. No New York City cops have been rated yet. We can’t decide if that’s a good or bad sign. [Buzz Feed]

Wireless-equipped restaurants in New York weigh in on the computer’s encroachment on the city’s eateries. [Grub Street]

Elephant Walk 2008 is less than one week away! The circus troupe from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to town next Tuesday, meaning real live elephants will be tromping through midtown. [Gothamist]

Come 2010, New York City Fashion Week will move from Bryant Park to the Hudson Rail Yards. [NYDN]

How many sub-par Italian eateries can there possibly be in one city? [Gridskipper]

Manhattan Community College’s Fitterman Hall on the outskirts of the World Trade Center site is finally being demolished today, CUNY officials announced. Alongside the Deutsche Bank project, the small-scale demolition project "has redefined the meaning of eventually." [City Room] The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday