The Morning Read: Friday, March 21, 2008

The Obama campaign has provided the New York Times with a picture that proves Bill Clinton met Jeremiah Wright.

The Clinton campaign says this is “pathetic.” The Obama campaign’s response to the Clinton campaign uses the word “hypocrisy.”

Hillary Clinton is in Chappaqua with no public events for the holiday weekend.

Bill Richardson will endorse Barack Obama later today.

Two State Department employees were fired for checking Obama’s passport file.

The Obama campaign said the breach of security was “outrageous.”

Charlie Rangel was hospitalized for viral meningitis, not the flu.

Michael Bloomberg is the target of a gun company.

The bad economy may slow down the Atlantic Yards project.

In announcing his retirement yesterday, Congressman Tom Reynolds said it is “time to face reality.”

Josh Kraushaar and Patrick O’Connor think Tom Reynolds decision to retire is something of “a sign of how the House GOP views its prospects for November.”

The New York Post has an unnamed source who says Eliot Spitzer is in therapy and will explore whether he has an addiction to sex.

David Paterson says he never “knowingly used any campaign funds for any purposes other than what related to campaigns.”

The Post finds an unusual campaign expense listed in the governor’s records.

One of the women Paterson had an affair with did not know he would go public with their relationship.

Henry Stern considers what would happen if Paterson had to resign.

“If Mr. Paterson intended to put to rest rumors, that effort has backfired,” writes Jacob Gershman.

Yetta Kurland and Justin Krebs may run for Christine Quinn’s City Council seat. [second item]

Doug Schoen has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about “disenfranchising Democrats.”

Representative John Hall is pushing for funding to be dedicated to bridge repair.

Controversial evangelist John Hagee told Deborah Solomon that John McCain did seek his endorsement.

McCain is leading both Democrats in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll.

The Washington Post editorial board is concerned about the disenfranchisement of voters in Florida and Michigan.

The Times Union editorial board thinks Empire Zone tax breaks are being handed out to companies—like lobbyist firms—that don’t need them.

The Red Hook microbrewery Sixpoint Craft Ales is selling tons of its “Hop Obama” ale.

The Morning Read: Friday, March 21, 2008