The Morning Read: Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Democrats are wary of counting out Hillary Clinton, according to the Financial Times.

Anne Kornblut thinks that Indiana may be the one state where there’s "a fair fight" between Clinton and Barack Obama.

Nick Confessore writes about the significance of David Paterson’s nomination of Harry Corbitt to head the state police.

Paterson said he sometimes stayed in hotels near the Capitol, rather than his nearby home, in order to “accommodate the governor” and his busy schedule.

A review of Paterson’s schedule shows some of his meetings did not start until 9 a.m., and he was not, in fact, particularly busy when he stayed at the hotels.

But no investigative authorities are looking into Paterson, reports Grace Rauh.

He is still declining to get into specifics about his extramarital affairs.

His predecessor, Eliot Spitzer, was frustrated with legislative negotiations when he approved the release of Joe Bruno’s travel records to an Albany reporter.

The Times Union reports that Darren Dopp will not face charges connected to Troopergate.

Parents at a U.F.T.-run charter school are not happy.

A blogger writes that the Poughkeepsie Journal asked him not to advertise his campaign for a local school board.

Clyde Haberman misses the old Albany.

And Bill Hammond wants Spitzer’s file on Troopergate. The Morning Read: Tuesday, March 25, 2008