The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In an interview last night Barack Obama said of the speech he made yesterday, "So what I wanted to do was to, rather than try to tamp it [the issue of race] down, lift it up and see if maybe that would help clarify where we are as a nation right now on the issues."

A Philadelphia Inquirer editorial says of the address, “[H]e spoke with such grace and candor about America’s need to overcome racial divisions that his own political calculations seemed inconsequential.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board has a much more tepid review.

Jonathan Martin says the G.O.P. is now thinking that Hillary Clinton might not be the easiest Democrat to beat.

Al Sharpton is quietly supporting Barack Obama.

Clinton is making a last-minute trip to Michigan today to push for a re-vote.

Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha—a vocal anti-war critic—endorsed Clinton.

The Florida State Senate Democratic Leader has a new plan to resolve the primary problem—he’ll hold a press conference this morning to discuss it.

Although David Paterson admitted to having "a number" of affairs, he says Indira Noel, the subject of rumors, is not one of them.

One of those women was Lila Kirton, who is currently making $150,000 a year working in the executive chambers.

Kirton lives in White Plains, according to the the Journal News.

The New York Post finds a woman who is claiming a “close personal relationship”–but not an affair–with Paterson, and has recorded telephone conversations with him.

Paterson says he went public in order to be honest with the public.

The governor also said, “I didn’t want to be compromised, I didn’t want to be blackmailed.”

Paterson’s approach to disclosing the relationship preemptively and at length at a press conference yesterday gets a thumbs up from public relations pros.

That all made for something of a "baptism by fire" for New York first lady Michelle Paige Paterson.

The French are very not impressed with the way New Yorkers handle sex in politics.

The Daily News editorial board likes how Paterson handled the situation.

The New York Post editorial board doesn’t think Paterson has come clean yet.

The New York Times editorial board wants everyone to focus back on the state budget.

Charlie Rangel has raised a “staggering $5 million” since becoming Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

A federal judge has ruled that India, Mongolia and the Philippines owe the city a total of $57 million in property taxes.

Dennis Gallagher waited until Monday to resign in order to give his staff extra time.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary will be in the city today.

The deadline for congestion pricing might actually be April 7, not March 31. The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 19, 2008