The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In addressing the mortgage crisis, John McCain said he doesn’t want the federal government to “bail out and reward those who acted irresponsibly.”

Which is a sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s approach.

Despite the 24-hour media environment, fewer reporters are covering the presidential candidates daily.

The New York Post asks military personnel to respond to Clinton’s recount of her trip to Bosnia.

Jeremiah Wright’s speech in Texas, and the speeches he was supposed to give in Tampa this week, have been canceled because of security concerns.

Chelsea Clinton was asked a question about Monica Lewinsky.

The number of people registered to vote as Democrats in Pennsylvania is way up in advance of the April 22 primary–which is one possible good side to the extended nomination fight.

Anthony Weiner criticized homeland security spending.

New York’s passenger bill of rights was struck down in a federal court.

The Albany County District Attorney wants to make public the materials from the Troopergate investigation.

The New York Post editorial board thinks David Soares really messed up his initial probe of Eliot Spitzer.

David Paterson traveled with an ex-lover on a state-funded trip to Puerto Rico.

Paterson will actually live in the governor’s mansion when he’s in Albany.

Michael Goodwin has advice for Paterson: “YOU’RE THE GOVERNOR. It’s time to start acting like it.”

Steve Levy’s clout on Long Island is being tested.

Maureen Dowd doesn’t think Clinton wants to be Obama’s running mate because “She’s been vice president.”

Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal wonders if the internet is messing up politics.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 26, 2008