The Round-Up: Friday

Four short-eared owls may endanger a mammoth, $1.5 billion complex planned for Riverhead. [NY Times]

Just in time for a recession, third-party debt collection agencies are trying to cultivate a more consumer-friendly reputation among debtors, who they now call "customers." [NY Times]

Resigned-governor Spitzer is rumored to be apologizing to tenants he encounters inside his building at 985 Fifth Avenue. [NY Post]

The Mets’ $800 million future home will be "one of the most environmentally friendly stadiums ever built," Bloomberg said. [NY Post]

Bear Stearns is leveraged to the tune of 33 times over its equity, prompting rumors that the firm may have to start shopping for a merger partner. [Crain’s]

Economists in the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey are increasingly certain the US has slid into a recession. [WSJ]

Midtown will be home to the 2010 New York City Census Bureau. [NY Sun]

After nine months on the market, none of the three apartments in a converted Soho carriage have sold. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Friday