The Round-Up: Friday

Religious artifacts are on the move, following the Roman Catholic population of New York to new geographic areas, and new houses of worship. [NY Times]

Moynihan Station is one of the many public-private development projects that is now in doubt despite assurances from politicians. [NY Times]   

The nominal head of Bear Sterns James E. Cayne has sold his shares in the firm for $69 million, regulatory filings show. [NY Times]  

February job totals dropped in New York State, but rose a bit in the city. [NY Times]

Hudson River Park officials rejected Related’s $625 bid to develop Pier 40. [NY Post]

The owner of a warehouse in the crosshairs of Columbia University’s expansion plans filed suit yesterday, calling the school’s designs an environmental disaster in the making. [NY Post]

The city is already accepting applicants for congestion pricing jobs, though the plan might never see the light of day. [NY Post]

Yesterday the Port Authority announced plans to make all of its operations carbon neutral by 2010. [NY Post] 

With time running out on Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to build the world’s third largest amusement park in Coney Island, the city is considering bringing controversial developer Joe Sitt back in the loop. [NY Post] 

An appeals court ruled that the city cannot limit its liability y to the 2003 Staten Island Ferry crash. [NY Sun] 

Buyers’ Revenge: Trash the house after foreclosure. [WSJ]  

The Round-Up: Friday