The Round-Up: Thursday

The controller of the Harlem apartment complex that is home to Governor David Paterson has been accused of stealing $1 million from the building’s management company to pay for car leases, furs, and restaurants. [NY Times]

Regulators have eased capital requirements for America’s two biggest mortgage lenders, freeing up $200 million for them to invest in the housing market. [NY Times]

The "nesters" and "monks" on Broadway open the doors of their dressing rooms. [NY Times]

Newlyweds use glass to turn a studio into a "cunningly conceived" one-bedroom. [NY Times]

Gimme Shelter: George and Carol McFadden have sold their Southampton home on Lake Agawam. The 10-bedroom house was listed for $25 million. [NY Post]

JP Morgan Chase Chairman Jamie Dimon offers Bear Stearns executives cash and stock options to win their approval for takeover. [Bloomberg]

A South Jamaica resident is suing the city for harassment after he is fined for attracting 150 pigeons at a time to his home and feeding them. [NYDN]

Deutsche Bank predicts a grim year ahead for commercial real estate in New York. [NY Sun]

Will the economic slump cut down on the number of philanthropic development projects in the works? [NY Sun]

Once considered a no-man’s land, Fourth Avenue in Park Slope is drawing new residents thanks to a spate of residential development. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Thursday