The Round-Up: Thursday

In a buyers’ market there are myriad ways to cope with sellers’ remorse. [NY Times]

Pregnant women’s nesting instinct has always motivated home improvement projects, but now the renovations are getting more ambitious. [NY Times]

An analysis of yesterday’s Hudson Rail Yards deal. [NY Times]  

The City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of a bill prohibiting landlords from discriminating against tenants with Section 8 housing vouchers. [NY Times] 

Will Tishman Speyer’s plan to develop the Hudson Rail Yards be another case of profit trumping the public good? [NY Times] 

Larry Silverstein claimed $12.3 billion in a 2004 lawsuit against airport security companies for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. [NY Times]

Mayor Bloomberg has proposed that the NYPD run security at the new World Trade Center site. [NY Times] 

Looters have stolen $90,000 worth of goods from three apartments near the site of the March 15th crane collapse. [NY Times]

The next flash point in the credit crisis: Home equity loans. [NY Times]  

Contractors fear the city lacks personnel to carry out new rules requiring building inspectors to monitor construction cranes as they’re raised or lowered. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: A duplex rental apartment at Donald Trump’s building on 59th and Park Avenue has been listed for $200,000 per month. [NY Post]

The City Council approved Sheldon Solow’s plans for his East River development yesterday. [NY Post]

Mary J. Blige paid $12.5 million for a Saddle River mansion. [NYDN]

A Co-op City board president was sentenced to six months in prison for accepting $10,000 in kickbacks from a painting company she illegally granted a multi-million dollar federal contract. [NYDN]

A federal appeals court is refusing to grant New York City immunity from lawsuits by workers who cleaned up ground zero and claim to be suffering respiratory illness. [NY Sun]

  The Round-Up: Thursday