The Round-Up: Tuesday

A prime suspect in Saturday’s East Side crane collapse is a $50 piece of nylon investigators suspect may have broken while hoisting a six-ton piece of steel. [NY Times]

The story of the two workers from the "best crane crew in New York" whose bodies were discovered Monday. [NY Times] 

Once a staunch defender (and owner) of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, New York has become the first state to oppose relicensing a nuclear facility, citing concerns about terrorism. [NY Times]   

Grief counselors were standing by at Bear Stearns yesterday after JP Morgan bid to buy the company for $2 a share. Presumably they were little comfort to the firm’s irate employees who together own 30 percent of Bear’s shares. [NY Times]  

After the fire sale of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers braces to be the next investment bank to fold. [NY Times] 

Tiger Woods buys a $65 million East Hampton estate. [NY Post] 

Crane collapse puts spot light on the recent over development of the Turtle Bay neighborhood. [NY Post]

JP Morgan canceled its plans to build a new office building at the World Trade Center site. Instead it will relocate its investment banking division to a midtown office tower belonging to Bear Stearns. [Crain’s] 

Goldman Sachs profits fall 53 percent, defying worse expectations. [Bloomberg] 

Lehman Brothers reported its smallest quarterly profit since 2003, a day after the securities firm lost 19 percent of its market value. [Bloomberg]  The Round-Up: Tuesday