The Round-Up: Wednesday

The Hasidic community of Rockland County succeeded in blocking the development of a Walmart in their neighborhood. [NY Times]

Stock prices soared yesterday after the FED lent $200 billion in treasury bonds to Wall Street’s biggest investment firms in exchange for hard to sell mortgage-backed securities as collateral. Critics feared the intervention would worsen inflation and forestall a much-needed correction in the market. [NY Times]

Square Feet: The pharmaceutical chain Walgreen’s will open a three-level store at One Times Square, a marquis retail space that has remained vacant since 2001. [NY Times]

Florent’s lease expires at the end of May, but the owner of the meatpacking district diner said he would like to close on Gay Pride Day on June 29. [NY Post]

Between the Bricks: Tishman Speyer is rumored to have bid on the GM building; Sheldon Solow may have dropped his lawsuit; and the real estate industry is worried about the blowback if Governor Spitzer resigns. [NY Post]

Will today be the day New York City Council approves Sheldon Solow’s plans to develop a 7-building complex on the East River? [NY Sun]

Wall Street debates Governor Spitzer’s legacy. [WSJ]

Officials from the Department of Transportation are proposing banning cars on Prince Street from Broadway to Lafayette on summer Sundays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. [NY Metro]

The Round-Up: Wednesday