The Round-Up: Wednesday

New York’s construction business, particularly outside Manhattan, is becoming the modern equivalent of the 19th Century coal industry, claiming 44 casualties in 2007. [NY Times]

Cosmetics mogul Leonard Lauder donated $131 million to the Whitney Museum, on the condition that it does not sell its Marcel Breuer-designed, Madison Avenue headquarters for an extended period of time. [NY Times]

One of the strangest footnotes to Saturday’s crane collapse has to do with a 20-foot I-beam that was catapulted through the air and hurled more than a football field’s length through the sky, before landing in the kitchen of a townhouse. [NY Times]

Bear Stearns shares peaked at $8 on Monday, as shareholders tried to scuttle the JP Morgan sale and bondholders bought up more stock to ensure the deal goes through. [NY Times]

Another retail makeover is in the works at Grand Central Station. [NY Times]

Goldman Sachs will leave 3 million feet of office space in five buildings vacant when it moves to its new headquarters at the World Trade Center. [NY Post]

A Judge orders India, the Philippines, and Mongolia to pay the city $57.6 million in past due property taxes. [NY Times]

Despite losses, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers both outperformed projections in the first quarter. [Crain’s]

Rival firms are courting Bear Stearns brokers as their savings evaporate. [Bloomberg]

Manhattan Mini Storage is waging a battle on horse drawn carriages in the city. [NY Sun]

City Council has scheduled a hearing on construction site safety in April. [NY Sun]

Now that JP Morgan has scrapped plans for an office building at World Trade Center, the Port Authority is considering a mixed-use or residential condo project for the site. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Wednesday