Trump Channels Richard Nixon in Soho Battle

Donald Trump shares how he won the battle to build the Trump SoHo condo-hotel at Varick and Spring streets in his new book, Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges Into Success (out about six weeks ago from Wiley).

Mr. Trump recounts how he marched against a rabble-rousing minority:

[E]veryone and their cousin came after me for this, and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation called my plan a "Trojan horse" way to sneak condos into manufacturing districts across the City… There were demonstrations and neighborhood alliances that made it clear I would not be receiving a warm welcome. So what else is new?

The Trumpster never lost faith, however. He knew he would win. Why?

Meanwhile, the silent majority of the neighborhood actually supported the project and saw it for what it is: a major attraction for tourism and business.

Trump SoHo is well on its way to its 45 stories, and more than half of the units have been sold, according to the Trump Organization. So, like with President Nixon and his reliance on the Silent Majority for re-election and support, it seems as though Mr. Trump has triumphed in Soho through similar means.

We will have more from Trump Never Give Up throughout next week. (Note: It is not to be confused with Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and in Life or Asset Protection 101: Tax and Legal Strategies of the Rich, which both came out late last year.) Trump Channels Richard Nixon in Soho Battle