Weekend in Review: McCarthy, Tisla, Stone

Going into this week it looks like the State Senate and Assembly will still have fundamentally different approaches on how

Going into this week it looks like the State Senate and Assembly will still have fundamentally different approaches on how to make the budget work.

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Bill Clinton made remarks that were interpreted by the Obama campaign as having questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism. Obama supporter General Tony McPeak said it reminded him of McCarthyism.

Bill Richardson said he doesn’t think that’s what Clinton meant, but he also thinks the campaigns have become too negative. 

The former president has at least one defender at the National Review, who says he was misinterpreted.

Obama released the full list of the fund-raising committee for his 2004 senate race in an effort to demonstrate more transparency.

He is on vacation for the next few days in an undisclosed tropical location.

In advance of the deadline for voter registration, Obama has spent over $300,000 dollars so far on advertising in Pennsylvania.

A T.V. news report from Hillary Clinton’s visit to Bosnia confirms that her account of the landing was not a precise one.

Records released Friday offer details of how David Paterson spent campaign money.

At Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters in Harlem yesterday, Paterson, Sharpton, Bill Thompson, Ed Koch, Adolfo Carrion and Tom Suozzi made the case that it’s time to move on with running the state and to leave examination of Paterson’s personal life and campaign money behind.

The city Office of Emergency Management has asked the Army Corps of Engineers to figure out how to back up the electriciity supply in some areas.

Eliot Spitzer’s pension will be about $25,000 per year.

An AP analysis of financial records shows little evidence that Spitzer improperly used state or campaign funds in relation to his trysts.

Roger Stone has found his way into the Spitzer scandal–the Miami Herald reports that the operative sent a letter to the F.B.I. in November about the former governor’s use of call girls.

Two Indian Point guards were suspended with pay after testing positive for cocaine use.

The Sierra Club says it will sue if the city goes forward with a plan to install "wave-calming systems" at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Beth Reinhard writes of the candidates’ position on Florida delegates, Obama’s "just not that into you. But at least he’s been consistent."

Not many people turned up for an anti-war protest around Union Square yesterday.

Former Senator Al D’Amato might be the next Judge Judy.

John Edwards will probably not endorse before the primary is over, choosing instead to "sort of play on that Al Gore status as party elder."

Bill Richardson reported that the conversation in which he told Clinton he was going to endorse Obama was “cordial, but a little heated," then James Carville later compared Richardson to Judas.

Richardson also said he resented that Mark Penn said his endorsement doesn’t mean much at this point.

Chuck Hagel said he wants to know more before he endorses John McCain.

Weekend in Review: McCarthy, Tisla, Stone