Wii! Free Video Games at Libraries Citywide Today!

Since your sullen, media-addicted teenager clearly isn’t going to go to the library to read (God forbid!), the Humanities and Social Sciences division of the New York Public Library is hoping Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 stations might entice them.

More than 20 NYPL branches in the five boroughs are participating in the "Game On @ The Library!" program this afternoon–it starts at 4:30 at the flagship on 42nd and Fifth.

The NYPL’s assistant coordinator of young adult services, Jack Martin, told the Gothamist blog that "gaming at the library can bridge the gaps between children, teens and adults, bringing them together as families and friends under one space, or through dialoge created through the users’ individual game playing.”

We almost buy the whole video games improve hand-eye coordination argument, but parking your kids in front of a television screen to polish those inter-personal skills is tough to swallow. Next thing you know the Parks Department will be offering an afternoon of technology at Sheeps Meadow. Wii! Free Video Games at Libraries Citywide Today!