Wolfson Says Tuzla Story Shows Media Bias

While Hillary Clinton’s critics think her inaccurate account of a trip to Bosnia demonstrates a pattern of dishonesty, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson thinks that the running coverage of her Tuzla visit demonstrates a pattern of media hostility towards his employer.

"It’s a very sort of illustrious moment in the campaign," said Wolfson, referring sarcastically to what he said was the press’ distorted coverage of the Clinton campaign. He said, as an example, that there had been relatively little attention paid to a Washington Post article detailing Obama’s embellishments of his role in drafting immigration reform and housing policy.

Phil Singer jumped in to list a few other apparent exaggerations by Obama, including a New York Times report that he had claimed too much credit for passing nuclear leak legislation which never got out of committee. Singer said that there was a "bizarre reluctance" on the part of the media to report further on those stories. Wolfson Says Tuzla Story Shows Media Bias