Zimmerman: Spitzer Should Go

Robert Zimmerman–a Democratic National Committee member and one of Hillary Clinton’s major New York-based fund-raisers–appeared on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight last night and essentially called for Eliot Spitzer’s resignation.

When asked, Zimmerman said he does not think the governor should survive the revelation that he patronized a prostitution ring, "If the facts are as they appear to be."

Zimmerman also said of Spitzer’s public appearance yesterday, "He didn’t get it."

Partial transcript:

ZIMMERMAN: You know, obviously the facts are going to come out in the next several days. The story will be told. If the facts are as we suspect, it’s very hard to imagine him staying in office. This is such a tragedy not just for his family, but for the state. And his statement today didn’t do us any – didn’t do his case any good or help the state. His reference to this being a personal tragedy. It is one for the state, not just for his family. And the other point is, when he talked about the idea that politics is not just about men, it’s about ideas and vision. It takes men of character to make those ideas and visions reality. He didn’t get it.
DOBBS: Do you think he survives?
ZIMMERMAN: No, I don’t.
DOBBS: Do you think he should survive?
ZIMMERMAN: If the facts as are they appear to be, no, I don’t. I think we have to let a next day or two to pass for the facts to come out.
DOBBS: Implication for the national political party? And implication if any for Senator Clinton or Senator Obama?
ZIMMERMAN: I think ultimately this situation with Governor Spitzer involving a prostitute is not going to have national ramifications. And I think to a great degree, the presidential campaign is going to be much bigger in this situation in New York
Zimmerman: Spitzer Should Go