90's Prosperity, 60's Radicalism

Hillary Clinton wants to know what part of the 1990’s Barack Obama didn’t like. [The Swamp]

David Paterson is balancing the budget in part by "sweeping" $1 million in fees from snowmobilers, and they aren’t happy about it. [Democrat & Chronicle

The difference between Obama’s association with a 60’s radical and Bill Clinton’s pardoning of two 60’s radicals is that the ones Clinton pardoned were “repentant.” [Spin Cycle

Obama “spent all day yesterday complaining about the hard questions he was asked,” said Clinton. [CNN

Charlie Gibson spoke about the debate about his debate on TV last night. [Politico

Obama thinks it’s unlikely that another debate would shed any new light on the campaign. [Charlotte Observer]

The more information that comes out of the crane collapse, the more dangerous the buildings department looks. [Gothamist] 90's Prosperity, 60's Radicalism