Andrew Lauren, Son of Ralph, Worships Redford, Beatty, Welles

Dylan does candy! David dates George Bush’s comely niece! But what does Ralph Lauren’s firstborn, Andrew, contribute to society?

Well, he’s a producer of This Is Not a Robbery, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, April 26. It’s a documentary about J. L. “Red” Rountree, who became a serial bank robber at the natural age of 86 and passed away in prison in 2004. “I don’t really watch documentaries,” Mr. Lauren said, “so I thought that if I was going to do a documentary, I wanted to do it with a story that people would relate to.”

Mr. Lauren the elder arrived with wife Ricky at an after-party at Marion’s Continental by car and driver, wearing an elegant gray suit with suede-patched elbows and running shoes with orange reflector stripes. Andrew, wearing a bit of his mother’s lipstick on his cheek, walked them around the party to the film’s directors, Lucas Jansen, Adam Kurland and Spencer Vrooman—“Want to meet my parents?”

When Andrew was in his 20s, he fancied himself an actor, appearing in films like Far Harbor and Getting in. He started an eponymous production company to further his thespian career, but has used it mostly to finance independent films like G and The Squid and the Whale. “I look up to people who wore many hats: Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Steve McQueen and Orson Welles,” he said. Someday, he’d like to—yes—direct. And he’s not averse to more commercial projects. “But I don’t want to make the flavor-of-the-month movie to make a hundred million dollars,” he said. “I want to prove myself; I’m hoping I’m doing that.” Andrew Lauren, Son of Ralph, Worships Redford, Beatty, Welles