At Bloomberg's Elite Lunch: Patricof on Colombia, Karan on Bloomberg

So last week, Michael Bloomberg hosted an elite luncheon at the Four Seasons hotel where he talked about things he hoped the various powerful figures in the audience would advocate when politicians ask them for contributions. He also spoke strongly in favor of issues like independent legislative redistricting and free trade with Colombia.

Afterwards, I got the chance to chat with Democratic fund-raiser and Hillary Clinton supporter Alan Patricof, and I asked him what he thought of Bloomberg’s remarks about trading with Colombia–a topic that hasn’t been so great for the Clinton campaign.

“At the end of the day, we need jobs in this country,” he said. “I think we need policed, well-policed free trade agreements and Colombia certainly is a responsible trading partner. So, hopefully, something will come of that.”

After the event, I also talked to Donna Karan, who had been seated at the event next to the mayor’s closest adviser, Kevin Sheekey.

I asked her about her conversations with Sheekey. “Oh, he’s brilliant," she said. "How we the people, we keep pointing the finger at everybody to solve the problem. And I think we the people have to solve the problem. It’s not all about the government. I mean, philosophically, we as a people have to be the ones who are solving problems right now instead of blaming everyone for the problems.”

Later, when I asked her how she felt about Bloomberg not running for president, Karan said, “Now, that’s another story,” and walked away laughing. At Bloomberg's Elite Lunch: Patricof on Colombia, Karan on Bloomberg