Avella Releases Tax Returns

Councilman and longshot mayoral candidate Tony Avella has just made himself the first of the likely 2009 contenders to release his personal tax information.

He voted against the Council’s 25 percent pay raise in 2006, and now he’s reporting a total income of $92,821 (and $30,044 in deductions). The base salary of the City Council is now $112,500, but Avella refused to accept the raise and to take home the extra $8,000 he gets for chairing a subcommittee. That extra money doesn’t appear in his tax as a deduction or donation since it is never put into the paycheck Avella receives, he told me.

He might be hoping to put some pressure on the other candidates to do the same, although at least one of them will have more immediate things to worry about. Avella Releases Tax Returns