Axelrod on Clinton as Underdog

Intern Em Whitney is on Axelrod watch:

Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod refuted the idea of Hillary Clinton as the Pennsylvania primary underdog this morning in an interview with NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep.

“You had millions of dollars more to spend in Pennsylvania, and Hillary Clinton was able to overcome that when she had to win,” Inskeep said.

“She didn’t have to overcome anything!" Axelrod interjected. "She was 22 points ahead when we began. She ended up winning by about nine points. When we came to Pennsylvania, the first thing we arrived to was a declaration by the Clinton campaign that she was unbeatable," he said.

"She had the governor of the state, Ed Rendell, supporting her, and his entire political apparatus. It was a closed primary where independent voters cannot participate–we do much better with independent voters, it’s one of the reasons why we do better in general election polling than she does. So this was a home game for Senator Clinton.”

With North Carolina ahead and rumblings of a potential Elizabeth Edwards’ endorsement, is the Obama camp worried about Pennsylvania repeats?

“She did what she had to do," Axelrod said. "But it hasn’t changed the fundamentals of the race. We’re still well ahead in delegates. She would have to win better than 70 percent of the vote in order to prevail.”

Axelrod on Clinton as Underdog