Bianca's 'Jagger Dagger': The Thing to Get For Someone Who Doesn't Require Anything Useful?

Not everyone who made an appearance at the Tim Burtonesque Angel Orensanz space on the Lower East Side last night knew what it was exactly that they were there to celebrate.

“I don’t actually know what it is, what is it?” asked designer Alexander Wang, who seemed bewildered when we wondered what he thought of the evening’s guest of honor, the “Jagger Dagger.”

Let us explain, Mr. Wang. We were gathered for the release of a specially designed $250,000 ice pick that Jade Jagger created for Belvedere vodka, but even we’re not entirely sure why since the event was not a fund-raiser of any kind.

“Oh, right. the dagger,” said Mr. Wang, quickly trying to redeem himself. “I love it when people take unexpected items and take it out of context, making it into this crazy item. It’s something I would do.”

Most of the guests last night didn’t quite know what to make of the ice pick with the 18-carat white-gold hilt studded with diamonds and sapphires that seemed more like something Juliet would have used to stab herself upon waking and seeing Romeo next to her than a utilitarian utensil for chipping ice.

“I think I could use it for ice, why not?” said Tara Subkoff, examining the dagger in her hands. “I also think it can be a nice gift to give to a person who has everything,” she added.

“But, where would you buy a block of ice like that?” asked Tatiana von Furstenberg, looking around at the giant ice blocks scattered throughout the room that would later be used in a choreographed performance of dancers lunging at them with the daggers.

“I don’t know what I’d do with it, but I guess I could put my rings on it or something,” said Ms. von Furstenberg. “I would just have to keep it away from my 8-year-old daughter.” This is the same daughter who, Ms. von Furstenberg told the Daily Transom, likes to wear a wrap dress that her grandmother, Diane, custom-made for her. “It’s a miniature version made with vintage fabric, she likes to wear it over jeans.”

But even Ms. Jagger herself couldn’t quite say who the target buyer for the “Jagger Dagger” would be. “I don’t know, I guess someone, someone who likes … nice things.” Bianca's 'Jagger Dagger': The Thing to Get For Someone Who Doesn't Require Anything Useful?