Bing: Lancaster the 'Isiah Thomas of City Government'

So, there have been calls for Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster’s resignation since the crane collapse last month. It finally happened today, and Assemblyman Jonathan Bing thinks that’s because there is an assembly hearing on the subject this Thursday.

“I was going to delve very deeply into the issue of why a building was built that caused the crane collapse, without proper permits,” Bing says.

Either way, Lancaster had to go, Bing thinks. “I think she became the Isiah Thomas of city government,” he said. “And, really, regardless of her sincerity and interest in doing a good job, it was a necessary step.”

Bing is sponsoring, along with Republican State Senator Andrew Lanza, a bill which would penalize building inspectors who file false information.

Overseeing the Building’s Department now is Robert LiMandri, first deputy buildings commissioner, who has agreed to stay on until a replacement is named.

Bing: Lancaster the 'Isiah Thomas of City Government'