Carson Kressley is a Hillraiser

From intern Matt Townsend, here’s an account of entertainment types talking about the Pennsylvania primary at the after-party for Monday’s New York premiere of Helen Hunt’s directorial debut, Then She Found Me, at Nobu 57:

“I’m a big Hillary Clinton supporter,” said former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Carson Kressley in between sips of champagne. “Yeah, I’m a Hill-raiser.”


Kressley, who said he auditioned for a role in the film that he did not get, planned to drive to Pennsylvania today to vote. He said he was still registered in Pennsylvania, near Allentown where he grew up, and even pulled out his driver’s license to prove it. In working as a surrogate for Senator Clinton, he has hosted fund-raisers, including one in Philadelphia earlier this month, and tried to convert friends.

“Most of my friends are Hillary supporters just because everybody who wasn’t aren’t my friends anymore,” Kressley said.

Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton wouldn’t divulge his candidate of choice, but planned to watch the results while he prepared for his next interview, a sit-down with Goldie Hawn.

“Like everyone else I’ll be waiting at 7 o’clock next to my television with bated breath,” Lipton said.

Former talk show host Ricki Lake voted in California, but has since swung her support between the Democrats.

“I’ll be happy with either one,” said Lake.

Richard Kind, who played annoying Cousin Andy on Curb Your Enthusiasm, voted for Barack Obama in California. But he didn’t plan to watch the results.

“I think watching the results is ridiculous,” he said. “You watch the Academy Awards. You watch awards shows. Pennsylvania – what are you going to do? Allentown voted for Obama! At the end of the night we’ll know who won.”

Kressley, who attended Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, doesn’t think the prolonged nominating race will hurt the Democrats.

“So many people are saying it’s going to ruin the Democratic Party,” he said. “We have primaries for a reason – to see who we want to represent us. You have to let the season play out and see who wins. What’s wrong with that?”

Carson Kressley is a Hillraiser