City Council Conflicts of Interest Dump

Room 9 reporters have been combing through hundreds of pages of documents submitted by City Council members to the city outlining potential conflicts of interest they may have steering city money to groups in their district.

It seemed like a good opportunity to give readers a chance to go through those documents too.

I sent a Freedom of Information request to the City Council’s records access officer, who responded within minutes with a ton of information.

I posted them here, where you’ll find [link fixed]:

Budget Disclosures FY08 (Speaker Quinn) Completed Forms

Budget Disclosures (2008-03-12) NYCC Initiative Forms

Budget Disclosures FY08 (Kendal Stewart) NYCC Forms-10-17-2007

Budget Disclosures FY08 (David Yassky) Completed Form-1st Page

Budget Disclosures FY08 (Council members A-K) NYCC Forms

Budget Disclosures FY08 (Council members L-Z) NYCC Forms

If you see anything interesting, please let me know. (I’m at apaybarah[at]

City Council Conflicts of Interest Dump