Clinton Supporters Start Celebrating

In the Philadelphia Hyatt where Hillary Clinton will soon celebrate her Pennsylvania primary victory by speaking to supporters, volunteers and television cameras, the crowd is ecstatic.

On a stage draped with a gold curtain, dozens of supporters are waving signs and chanting “Yes She Can” and “Madame President.” One young man is pumping a red boxing glove above his head, volunteers are sipping beer from plastic glasses and two men in suits are arguing on the ballroom’s floor over who would end up having a more accurate prediction regarding Clinton’s margin of victory. (“I had seven,” said one. “I had nine” said the other.)

“She’s going to the White House,” said Harriet Helfenbein, a supporter and speech pathologist from Chappaqua. “She can win the big states and carry the country.”

Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton campaign’s chairman, is on television saying, “Literally hundreds of thousands of people are going to,” and of Barack Obama’s campaign, “They couldn’t put her away.”

Clinton is expected to speak soon.

Clinton Supporters Start Celebrating