Clinton's New Motto: 'Yes, We Will'

Hillary Clinton used her victory in Pennsylvania as a battle cry and opportunity to raise more money for her campaign for the presidency tonight, arguing with a new campaign motto of "Yes, we will" that she would stay in the race and ultimately win the White House.

According to campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee, the campaign raised about $500,000 in less than an hour after the polls closed.

Clinton made the pitch for more money just now, speaking to ecstatic supporters in a Hyatt ballroom here in Philadelphia. Saying that Barack Obama had outspent her “massively” and calling him “a formidable opponent who outspent us three to one,” she asked supporters to go to her Web site and show their support.

“The future of this campaign is in your hands,” she said. “Because of you,” she added, “the tide is turning.”

Wearing matching turquoise shirt, necklace and earrings, Clinton called her victory “deeply personal.” As Bill and Chelsea Clinton looked on from the floor, she referred to her grandfather who worked in a mine and her father who played football for Penn State, and said, “I only wish they could have lived to see this moment.”

Then Clinton addressed her base of blue-collar voters by saying she carried “the dreams of people like them and like you.”

“People ,” she said, “who embrace hard work.”

After attempting to give some rhetorical sweep to her victory here, the significance of which is debatable in light of the fact that Clinton trails by a large margin of pledged delegates and a seemingly insurmountable number of popular votes, Clinton sought to transform and claim Obama’s signature line, “Yes, we can,” as her own.

“For me, in the end,” Clinton said, “It’s not whether we can keep America’s promise, it’s whether we will keep America’s promise.”

“Yes, she will,” the crowd chanted in response. Clinton's New Motto: 'Yes, We Will'