Conservative group endorses Marks for Congress

The Somerset County wing of a conservative PAC has endorsed Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks for Congress in the seventh district.

The Republicans for Conservative Leadership (RFCL) said that they endorsed Marks because he’s pro-life, pro-second amendment, and because of his positions on national security and limited government.

“When you weed through the Republican field full of Liberals and Political Scions the only real conservative candidate who can win

the primary and the general election is Marks, said RFCL member Stan Serafin in a press release.

But if Serafin is referring to Marks rival Kate Whitman as the “political scion,” it should be noted that the statewide group’s vice-chair, conservative activist/blogger Michael Illions, is a Whitman supporter.

Illions said that this is just the position of the Somerset County wing of the group, and that he had no say in the endorsement.

“I was not consulted or offered a vote to accept or deny the endorsements,” he said. “I still stand by my endorsement at Kate Whitman entirely.”

Conservative group endorses Marks for Congress