Corzine ‘commends’ his Deputy Chief of Staff, a witness in federal prosecution of corrupt mayor


The Governor’s office had kind words today for his Deputy Chief of Staff, Javier Inclan, who found himself enmeshed in the trial of Guttenberg Mayor David Delle Donna and his wife.

Delle Donna was convicted of extortion and tax fraud today for accepting and concealing payments from bar owner Luisa Medrano.

“The Governor commends Javier for his efforts to testify for the prosecution. He believes that Javier was doing the right thing in standing up and helping the government make its case,” said Corzine press secretary Lilo Stainton.

Inclan testified that he accepted two envelopes filled with campaign contributions from Guttenberg code official Robert "Yogi" Rogers Sr. and handed them to Delle Donna.

At the time, Inclan was Delle Donna’s campaign treasurer, and testified that he thought the envelopes were filled with cash. Rogers had testified that, on two occasions, he handed envelopes stuffed with $5,000 to Inclan to give to Delle Donna.

“Inclan shouldn't just be fired, he should be prosecuted by the Attorney General. If admitting you delivered a bag of payola doesn't get you fired or prosecuted, then what will? Jon Corzine doesn't realize that every time he makes promises that he consistently breaks, be it transparency, accountability, or zero tolerance, he loses public confidence and also the respect of the Democrats in the legislature," said GOP State Chairman Tom Wilson. “At this point, legislative Democrats neither fear, respect nor like him and the public doesn't trust him. No one has ever squandered as much political capital in such a short time.”

Last week, Delle Donna denied that he ever accepted envelopes from Inclan.

“What we’re hearing now, this sounds a lot like the complaints of a convicted felon who’s trying to blame someone else for their troubles,” said Stainton.

Stainton did not say whether Inclan’s role in the scandal would cost him his job.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment on the status of someone’s job,” she said. Corzine ‘commends’ his Deputy Chief of Staff, a witness in federal prosecution of corrupt mayor